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Besides training in their own discipline, all athletes have to workout to not only stay in shape but prepare for training sessions and events. They need to incorporate complex carbs in their diet, plus cereals, lean meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. What these athletes eat in order to have energy to burn but stay light and fit while building muscles and strength is a combination of the right foods, at the right time.

Pre workout meal ideas: we love chicken!

These pre workout meal ideas are all so easy to make. You can choose to prepare the sit-down to eat or grab and go recipe. Either way, they will certainly satisfy any champion’s hunger and fuel needs.

  • Ultimate Pasta Salad. Whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken, slightly sautéed onions and peppers, cherry tomatoes cut in half, a dash of olive oil or organic Italian dressing and voilà!
  • Chicken wraps. This one is the on the go recipe. To the chicken, add baby spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado. Wrap them in your favorite whole grain wraps. Just go easy on the dressing.
  • Grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli or asparagus or zucchinis and a serving of brown rice.

Breakdown of our pre workout meal ideas

  • Chicken across the (skate) board. Why? Because it’s a lean meat and a good source of proteins. You can grill enough boneless skinless chicken breasts for several days (or bake them for that matter), so you are always ready to dish up a balanced meal before your workout. You can replace it with turkey if you prefer.
  • Fruits will give you vitamins and natural sugar for the day.
  • Vegetables are a source of vitamins and  fibers, avocados are a source of good fat.
  • Spices have all kinds of medicinal value (even the Washington Post says so) and transform anything boring into something exciting. Prepare your own rub instead of using the store bought ones that typically contain too much salt.

Ode to the carbs

Complex carbs (such as whole wheat pasta) are essential.

They are more difficult to process than simple carbs: they break down and turn into glucose and then are stored to supply your body with a slow and steady influx of sugar that you will burn during your workout.
They also are important because of the fact that the glycogen stored in our liver and muscles depends on our carbs intake. The body transforms glycogen into glucose which is our muscles primary source of fuel
They use less oxygen than proteins or fat, therefore are suited for endurance needs.
Ryan Hughes has an approach about nutrition that is interesting and in keeping with the modern trend, which is to eat healthy eat natural products but eat according to your metabolic type and know your food allergies and intolerance. What would Cooper Webb, Aaron Gwin or Chris McClugage think of sitting down for lunch and sharing a meal and talk shop, compare notes about how much themselves and their sports have in common, and swap healthy pre workout meal ideas?