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Motocross World Championship

Have you been keeping up with the 2016 Motocross world championship? If not, then you’ve definitely been missing out. There have been a lot of good races, but a few strong riders have really stood out from the rest. There’s still a good bit of race left to cover, and the action is only getting hotter- here’s a bit of what’s gone on since February:

Motocross World Championship stars

MXGP 2016 Highlight 1: Tim Gajser

Gajser took to the first round of the races rather strongly, winning the first two races of the championship. While he disappeared for a bit the second day, the rider from Slovenia came back to make a strong showing throughout a good majority of the early and middle races, winning several races and taking the round winner more than a few times. There are only a few races left in MXGP 2016, and it’s a sure bet that there’s more to see from Gajser before the championship is over.

MX2 Highlight 2: Jeffrey Herlings

If Tim Gajser is the one to watch in the MXGP, when it comes to the MX2, the rider to keep an eye on is Jeffery Herlings. This year, he’s won a staggering number of races in the MX2 circuit, taking most of the early races and rounds and only running out of steam in the more recent events. Still, while there’s no telling how things could shake out for the final three races, things are looking pretty good for Herlings.

Atta girl!

WMX Highlight 3 (For the Ladies) Courtney Duncan

In the WMX, Courtney Duncan is the Herlings, the Gajser, the start rider of her division. At the start of the championship, she secured several early rounds and races, taking an immediate lead. In the middle, her progress dropped off a bit, but as we come closer to the end, we can see that Courtney has picked herself back up and is clearly a contender in the WMX.

We’re fast approaching the final leg of the 2016 Motocross world championship (Glen Helen, Calif.), and while a lot of the action has already been had, there is still plenty more to come. There are definitely some key riders to keep eyes on, but regardless of who comes out on top in the end, you can guarantee that this will be a championship to remember. MXGP 2016 all the way.